You Win, Sir. You Win.

Your “cock blocking” has won out. 

The campaign has fizzled out and ground to a halt. 

If you were testing me to see how long I would persevere. This is your answer. This long.

I just wanted a word back. Just a consideration. An acknowledgement you had taken my request on board and would consider it.

I’ll leave the video on YouTube…just on the off chance you didn’t see it…not that I actually WANT you to see it…but I do want you to see how much the song means to me.

I mean, hell, I know you are busy! It’s not like I want exclusivity. But you have been around FB…admin have been around, posting things.

Oh, well. Anyway…


Blue And Yellow Tanager

Tried to take my time more with this Brazilian themed bird. It’s found in the tropics of South America appropriately enough, Brazil being one of the countries in which you can see it. This one is predominantly blue and yellow, but has some green too. Think I’m going to quickly run out of yellow/green/blue birds to do.

Starting to think I’ll have to pack it in. He’s just not interested in hearing me out, methinks. :-((

Ah, well. Can’t say I didn’t try. Time to actually BE disheartened now.

Be Damned On Luck But Not Disheartened…

I won’t give up! I might be a little less “in your face” – but I am not going to give up entirely until he responds.


Mr James Kerr, esq., Lead singer and head lyricist for the best band in the entire universe (because, frankly, you are at the healm!)…

If you are reading this (as if!), please do consider Boys From Brazil being on the setlist for the 40th anniversary tour.

I know other people are now throwing other songs into the ring. But most (if not all) of the others being mentioned have had a live airing. Boys From Brazil has not.

Why is this? Is there something partcularly difficult to reproduce soundwise live? Are you too concerned that it’s too political, Jim? What is it? It’s such an amazing song. Such fabulous lyrics, and such a great vocal. I have NO DOUBT you could still do it justice live.

I can’t have been the only one through all these years to have wanted to see it live? In fact, I know I’m not from the support I’m getting from other fans. I’m asking as much for them as I am for myself.

As if I don’t love you enough already, if you would even agree to just CONSIDER it, I will love you until my dying breath! (OK, not much of a pledge, granted, seeing as I’ll probably do this regardless.)

There are so many Minds songs I love…but from very early on, both Wonderful In Young Life and Boys From Brazil have meant so much to me. Go look at my Spotify stats on my blog for 2015. You’ll see just how heavily BFB features.

So, just a consideration, please? You, big, beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous man, you!

Yours most sincerely,