Woah, Nelly! Who’s That “Sexy Stallion” Introing This Video?

I think this one slipped under the radar for the majority of 2020, but here we are. At last!

This video is for Britweek (nope…I’ve nae scooby, either… *shrugs*) – which was back in April (Britweek seems to MIRACULOUSLY coincide with being around St George’s Day…hmmm), and is about sculptor, Andy Scott. He’s the man responsible for The Kelpies horse head sculptures near Falkirk.

Anyway, enjoy the rather…handsome stallion introing the video.


Welcome To Aylesbowie

Today was the unveiling of the David Bowie statue/sculpture within Aylesbury town centre. In honour of it taking place, at least for one day, the town altered its name…albeit unofficially, to Aylesbowie.

If I was to take a stab at crowd numbers, I’d say a couple thousand people were there. I did my bit to represent the Simple Minds contingent…complete with gold claddagh shirt.

It is actually quite an involving piece of art, chronicling the whole of David’s career. It was great being at the unveiling. Will be good to return soon to enjoy a closer inspection and take in the full detail.