Kerrsday Thursday – RBF – The End…

…of your life – at the hands of this cold-hearted KILLER!

That is some mighty fine death stare you have, Mr. Kerr. 

Never, EVER, under ANY circumstances, incite the WRATH OF KERR!!!

There WILL be hell to pay – just look at those eyes! 

Have pleasant dreams, my friends. Until next week! Ciao


Kerrsday Thursday – RBF – Video!

Le groupe écossais Simple Minds, emmené par Jim Kerr, interprète en studio “Up On The Catwalk”, extrait de l’album “Sparkle In The Rain” en préparation. Le chanteur, qui demande discrètement le silence à ses musiciens, est interviewé par Fabienne Vande Meersche.


Poor impatient bunny! Lol. He just wants to get on with the performance…

More like restLESS bitch face in this one! Lol