Hunter And The Hunted – Rehash: Part One

I had a brain wave today! I have always been scared to share my Hunter And The Hunted art piece as I just took the “Kyoto in the snow” scene from a pic on the web…and then edited the picture of Jim on the cover of Melody Maker, with him standing side profile in front of a Canadian flag. It took work for me to do it, but the main elements (the Kyoto picture, and the pic of Jim) were not really mine to use.

Now, thinking about it today, I can rework it without (or at least with very minimal) any copyright infringement. It’ll take a day or so…but here is part one – *MY* “Kyoto in the snow”!! I DREW THIS!! I F***ING DREW THIS!!! All I did at the end of it was apply a snow effect because I wasn’t confident about drawing the falling snow right. ALLLLL the rest of it – MINE! And as it was MY drawing, it was MY drawing to apply a snow effect on.