It’s Melody, Jim, But Only As You Know It…

Just in case it disappears off the SMO visitor wall…and if he ever visits this sorry excuse of a fan blog (god knows why he would!)….a question:

Now…I know I have probably not been ingratiating myself to you much lately, Jim, and you probably won’t reply…but I have to ask anyway.

This is probably why I like vinyl…because I sound like a scratched record! Lol. BUT….the argument that struck me for your….”lack of enthusiasm” (you can have some of mine if you like? I obviously have more than any single human needs!) at yesterday’s Roundtable was tunes lacking melody.

I’m obviously not a musician and never worked in music, so I must not be comprehending what you mean by melody. Your statement on this confuses and perplexes me.

From what I understand from what *I* believe melody to be (I have Wiki’ed this and everything to try to comprehend what you mean)…you have expressed a deep like for music that is deemed not to have melody or at least doesn’t seem to have melody at the heart of it…like motorik (shying away from using the K-word, so let’s use the much more pleasant “motorik”). Neu!, La Dusseldorf, Kraftwerk, et al.

So I suppose my question is…what is melody to you? Can you explain it to me more? (Time permitting, of course. If you would be so kind.) Perhaps I’m showing myself up to be a dunce…but only you know what you mean by “melody” (or your interpretation of it.)

I’m sorry to ask. I’m sorry to be a nuisance, but I just want to understand it.