Was sent the loveliest present by my friend, Ruth.

It’s been a quiet day.

Glasgow has put on some FANTABULOUS weather today.

BUT! I’m “Alive And Kicking”. I have my faculties. I’m warm and safe indoors. I have my furbabies to snuggle up to. It’s all good.

Yes, 2020 has been a pretty shit year – and absolutely devastating to many. And I haven’t been going through the best mental state the past few weeks but I appreciate things could be sssooo much worse!

It would be lovely if Jim wished me a happy birthday. Just this time. Just…for my 50th. It’s a milestone after all. And just maybe I would stop feeling like he bloody hates my guts and can’t stand me any more…but hey ho. I just have to count my blessings.

I’ll always love and adore him anyways. He’s beautiful. ❤️

My favourite thing to watch – because I get to look at his tits for AGES! Best. Video. EVER! Kerr – you have got the sexiest chest! I WANT TO LICK YOUR NIPPLES! Lol #SorryNotsorry

Rest Easy

I was  reminded a few days ago that it will be Mr Kerr’s birthday in a month’s time. So…what do you get the man that…well, it might not be correct say “has everything”- but more accurate to assume “wants for nothing” or at the very least “wants for very little” – materialistically, if nothing else.

Nothing. Quite literally. He probably most likely wants me to leave him the fuck alone anyway. Which I will do. I have taken long enough to “get the hint“.

The past few years I have gifted him things. Perhaps in some token way he may have appreciated them. I’ll never know. It isn’t the reason I send them on.

I am usually also well on the case with the present-giving, thinking about what I might send him months prior, getting the gift to him in plenty of time. This year? Hadn’t given it a single thought!

Ah, but before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s not misconstrue this to mean I haven’t been thinking about Jim – because in all honesty, I have very little concept of what that feels like now. Let’s think of it as BK – Before Kerr-ist (to rhyme with Christ, obviously).

I have an appalling memory. So life before uber Simple Minds fandom (and therefore BK) seems a very far off land. What I remember of it most though is that I was very fat (as opposed to now being acceptably fat) and that every day felt like how lockdown feels now. Except I would have NEVER left the house. I at least do make sure that I do so a few times a week these days. And I DEFINITELY WOULD NOT have taken a seven mile walk to get some doughnuts. Oh…I’d have had the doughnuts, for sure! I was a fucking elephant! But you’d have been lucky to get me to walk 70 yards let alone SEVEN MILES.

But I digress…wildly! This isn’t about me! It’s about Jim. It’s always about Jim. Oh, yeah…that was it! That was my point. Not remembering a time when it WASN’T about Jim.

So…this year. Who is this gift of “sweet Fanny Adams” really for? Jim? Or me? That I will have to think on some.