Black And White Pretty Bhoy

Some fantastic photos of Jim Kerr on Getty Images, circa 1983.

Pictures by Brian Rasic.

I’ve seen the picture on the right around, but have never seen it so clear and crisp. He’s gorgeous (as ever!) in this one. A new fave, I think. Such a pretty, pretty bhoy!


Been pulling the reins in on the spending on SM memorabilia, but when I saw this little bundle on eBay last week – I had to have a bid! Picked them up for a bargain! (£3.79). Some nice photos too – and a colour cover on one! Lots of photos are inky dot-matrix prints, but I love that arty effect anyway :-))

These are just quick iPad pics of my swag. I’ll take proper scans in a few days. Will need to recouporate from taking the scans of that Q Mag special first! Lol

So, this arrived today. Sssooo many lovely photos! Some I’ve not seen before…
Here are some examples…