Gabriel Gabble – Uncut Magazine

The latest edition of Uncut magazine has a big old interview with Gabriel as well as a feature on the 40th anniversary of the release of Melt – not sure if there is at all any Minds references – I have yet to read it.

There is also a feature on Toots And The Maytals – quite a bit in this month’s mag for a certain Mr Kerr to sink his fangs into.

And for us Bowie fans there’s a look into the recording of the Absolute Beginners single.

Jim Kerr – Da For Hire!

Muriel Gray interviews Jim “let me be your daddy” Kerr – the end to this interview shouldn’t have piqued my interest quite as much as it did….but what can I say. Gawd!

The stutter is still there quite pronounced. I just want to lick him!!!! OMG!


I knew of him back then! I did NOT fancy him ONE JOT back then. Not in the frigging slightest. NOW LOOK AT ME! Lol

Anyone know a good psychiatrist? Lol.  I obviously need one.

You know who I was into then? Massively. Steve Waugh. Like…I watched hours and HOURS of cricket. HOURS! Luckily he was an all-rounder in the early days so it doubled my chance of seeing him.
Oh, but that’s another story…and a lifetime ago.

Street Fighting Years Box Set Reissue Reviews

A couple of reviews of the SFY box set have been printed in both Mojo and Uncut magazines this week. The Mojo one is particularly scathing but the “fortune cookie wisdom” in regards to Jim’s lyrics in the Uncut review isn’t exactly complimentary, either! Although overall, it is a kinder review.

The reissue lands in two weeks time.

Mojo magazine review.
Uncut magazine review.

Yep – Welcome To The “Brexited Flatland”…

But…the BIGGEST shock in all this? The Mister getting political! Holy fucknuts! Never thought I’d EVER see the like of THAT ever again! Him showing his political views.

Seriously, Jim. GOOD FOR YOU! Now…THIS IS THE STUFF, eh? Be careful, though…I could almost kiss you again…start calling you Sir once more, and put my Priptona name back! Lol. Yes, I am being a little flippant.

Oh, how I miss all the banter, repartee…the exchange in…”conversation”. Why did it have to go so pear-shaped? 🙁

Another Turbett?

I love this man far, far too much! This absolutely made my night (even if he is dissing ELO…like a bitch! Lol).

Thank you, Sir! I love you 😜😘

You could have spelled her name right though…

(If not immediately obvious, I had posted to the visitor wall about said photo…little expecting ANY response to it coming from him! But there you go. Things happen when you least expect them to.)

UPDATE (NOV 16th): I have since asked Virginia Turbett whether this was indeed one of her photos, but alas, it is not…she also has no clue on the photographer. The plot thickens!

Nice try though, Sir. Love you for it anyway 😉

Fabulous Memories From 1980

A fabulous post by Conte Fly about SM’s first tour of Italy supporting Peter Gabriel.

It links to Facebook. I can’t get the usual embed to work, so you’ll have to click the link below to view the post.

I also noticed in the pictures posted that Derek is on Jim’s right instead of Charlie. I’d love to ask him whether there is a reason Charlie now seems to very predominantly be on his right when they’re performing. Whether it was a conscious and now permanent thing. But…for fear of being in his bad books, I dare not ask.

If anyone knows, I’ll be happy to hear it. You can leave comments on the posts on the blog. View the bottom of this blog post to see the link for comments.

Simple Minds in Italy

Photo montage of Simple Minds at the Free Mandela concert, 1988. Centre picture has Jim Kerr on stage with Peter Gabriel.