Pahtae Toons – Part Two – A REAL Blast From The Past!

Posted to the SMO visitor wall just now…

I’ve been really enjoying seeing the choices of the band members for Christmas (any?) party tunes and it has had me contemplating my own choices.

I was at my Spotify account just a few minutes ago and I saw one of my (MANY) playlists I’d made called “Dance floor fillers”. I had a look and there are things in there I would still definitely play, and play at parties, of course. But the one that struck me most, because I had forgotten about it in the years that have passed since I made the list, was Amii Stewart’s Knock On Wood. Of course, I can’t really compare them like that now, but for an 8 year old girl, this was *MY* I Feel Love (before I got to hear I Feel Love a little later down the track, despite it being released prior to Knock On Wood).

I have clear memories as this 8 year old girl, putting it on the record player in the living room. The “family” record player was one of those all-in-one units. Combined amp, radio, cassette player and turntable. Awful thing! Whenver I had the chance, I would sneak into my brother’s bedroom and play records on his uber Technics stack. But in there I would play the likes of Skyhooks and Nina Hagen, and sit in near darkness under one of those silly coloured light bulbs that seemed to be the “in thing” then.

But, most of the time, the family music system had to do. And so that’s where I am with my memory of playing Knock On Wood. Very loud. Always very loud (there were definite advantages to having a mother that was hearing impaired!).
It was fab to have that memory come back, and enjoy playing it very loud again. Enjoy that pop and crackle on the YT clip. I did! 🙂

(It’s the drums…always those drums! Well, drum machine, I guess. But when played loud, it still makes a BOOM!)