Jim Kerr Dance Academy – The Elbow Bump

Hello Everybody, and welcome back to the Jim Kerr Dance Academy.

Finding it a bit crowded on the dancefloor, or just trying to guard yourself from unwanted attention from the opposite (or even same) sex? Well, here at the Jim Kerr Dance Academy, we don’t condone violence – but old “Jimmy Panda Eyes” himself has the solution for you!

Employ elbow action as a dance move! Richard Ashcroft (he of The Verve) got it *ALL* wrong in the Bittersweet Symphony video. He just let people bump into him and damned the consequences. But old “Jimmy Panda Eyes” here is taking evasive action. 

Get those elbows working, children, and YOU TOO can master the fine art of the “Jimmy Panda Eyes” Elbow Move. Good luck!

Jimmy Panda Eyes – Part 6

The second one from the top is my fave. Jimmy *smiling* Panda Eyes! Lol. He just looks like he’s having ssoooo much fun. Seriously. He’s having a ball!

I know!! I’m crazy…

Jimmy Panda Eyes – Part 5

Heaven help me – he’s playing with the mic cord AGAIN!!! I want to be Jim Kerr’s mic cord!!! Lol. And those panda eyes?!!! Ooof!

Jimmy Panda Eyes – Part 3

Jimmy Panda Eyes sequence 😉

Simple Minds performing Love Song. It’s labelled “Top of The Tops” this video – but it CAN’T be TOTP – their first appearance on that is in 1982 performing Promised You A Miracle. Where it actually *is* from, I am none the wiser on. I just know it isn’t TOTP. 

Jimmy Panda Eyes – Part One

Again – another appalling quality video from Daily Motion – but another fab performance from Jim. Yes, he has “panda eyes” in this video but it’s kind of what makes it fabulous for me. He was obviously having a VERY fun time during this period. He looks WRECKED but HAWT!