Happy Gray Day! 40 Years Of Lanark

Today has been marked as Gray Day – marking the 40th anniversary of the release of Lanark by Alasdair Gray. I read Lanark for the first time last year and fell in love with it and Alasdair.

Last October I went to the Oscar Marzaroli exhibition at the Street Level Photoworks on Trongate and had to take a photo of this photo Oscar took of Alasdair.

Happy Gray Day!

Zoom Interview with Raymond Depardon Tomorrow – Conducted By The University Of Glasgow

There is an interview taking place tomorrow afternoon conducted by the University of Glasgow. They’ll be talking to photographer, Raymond Depardon, about his commission to photograph Glasgow in 1980 for the Sunday Times newspaper. And I will assume the interview will it extend beyond that, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

The interview starts at 5pm and will be viewed remotely online via Zoom. Access is via ticket only. But I believe it will be available for all to view sometime after the interview takes place. In the lead up to tomorrow’s interview, the University of Glasgow posted this video to YouTube, discussing some renowned photographers and their work on capturing Glasgow over the past 150+ years.

I don’t own a copy of Depardon’s book as yet, but I am sure I’ll be investing in a copy after tomorrow’s interview. I certainly have plans to go back to the Oscar Marzaroli exhibition at the Street Level Photoworks gallery at 103 Trongate before it ends on December 20th.

I know a certain person is a fan of the book. He did a post about it some time ago and in one of the more recent photos from…his house? (Dated May 23rd, 2019) there is a copy of the book on the shelf.

Photo taken from Simple Minds Facebook page. I will assume the photo was taken by Jim.