Piss Arf Jacko’s “Pubes”!

Michael Jackson’s pubes, more like! Hiding under an alias as you OBVIOUSLY have no taste! Two of the best songs of 1983…and I say this NOT as the Minds fan I am today…but as that 13 year old back in Oz who heard the song on the radio, conjured up such stark imagery with it, and thought it was one of the best things I’d ever heard. Genuinely…the first Simple Minds song I remember really being caught by.

I wasn’t aware of PiL at the time…but This Is Not A Love Song…the right version…is ‘king awesome!


O to the M to the G (Part 761) No 1 Magazine, Feb 4th, 1984

Just…how beautiful is this man?!
*officially cradling self in foetal position*

Thank you to the amazing site run by Shane Marais for the scans.
You can view Shane’s blog HERE

I am DEFINITELY getting my own copy of this magazine…sometime in the future

I think the photographer (unnamed by the magazine…don’t know why?) is Mike Prior. It certainly seems to be part of this same photoset that this comes from..

UPDATE: I should learn to read! Lol. Mike Prior *is* accredited with the photos. My bad.

Embed from Getty Images

“Claim To Fame” feature in No 1 magazine – Jim Kerr features in two pages being snapped with fans :-))