Wolfgang Flür – The Lexington, Nov. 10th, 2017

The Lexington is becoming a new favourite venue. Wonderfully intimate, good acoustics. My now two shows seen there, one of them was definitely a highlight of the year. But onto last night’s show of Mr Flür and his supports.

First up was Nik Dagger and The Grip. Nik says he’s from Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, and has travelled from the future, from the year 5053, no less! I must admit, he appeared and sounded very human. So human, in fact, he seemed to be having trouble and had a tickle in his throat. Perhaps he is STILL adjusting to Earth’s atmosphere? Who knows?

The Grip (Nik’s synth player) was anything but “gripping”. Yes, I’m sure they were trying to exude a performing style befitting their music…but it seemed…too contrived…too try-hard and a tad overly pretentious. Made all the funnier when poor Nik’s endlessly inaudible whispering vocals started to seem to cause him problems. They were good enough. A novelty but can’t say they’ll have a lasting impression on me. Sorry guys.

Second act Scissorgun on the other hand…there was something about them! A very… almost…world music trance kind of fusion with their stuff. You were being taken on a journey with them. Not to Europa! But to perhaps…Africa, or central Asia…to the sub continent. There was an atmosphere and landscape to their music. I enjoyed watching them quite a bit.

Onto the main event and Wolfgang Flür’s set. He was very much taking on the role of DJ. Playing some remixed Kraftwerk tracks and some of his own solo music…all accompanied by endless moving imagery. During the Kraftwerk part of the set, there was plenty of photos and video/film to accompany the music.

The start of his set was delayed by some 20 minutes. There were technical problems getting the video footage set up, but once it was ironed out, we were off. It was a fab set and he’s a very good DJ. Towards the end of the set, donning a pickelhaube and marching about the stage. And we’re told Germans have no sense of humour. I can tell you, Wolfgang has a very healthy one!

Amongst the set of Kraftwerk remixes, the highlight was It’s More Fun To Compute…but others were weaved through, including an interesting remix of Neon Lights. Of his own compositions, Cover Girl was the highlight.

There is quite an “über” electro, bordering on trance, feel to Wolfgang’s set. It seemed to divide the room. Some were very obviously enjoying themselves…free-styling dance moves and throwing out all manner of “rave culture” shapes…while others started to slowly make their exit before the set was even over with. I was definitely in with the former and not the latter. I’d be more than happy to see Wolfgang again. I hope the opportunity will avail itself again in the future.

PS: Seen on the toilet door…a bit of Charlie love…but is it for man, or drug?