Water And Courage….

So much to tell, so little time. Back safe and sound in Glasgow but now assignment number four looms large. I have a week to get to grips with Plato, Socrates, Laches and Nicias – but just for tonight, I’ll think about “ArKERRmedes” and baths and being dripping wet.

I’ll try and make time for a review of the gig tomorrow but I have much study to do. No promises. Until then….a tantalising glimpse of the latest Mojo magazine. EUREKA!

On The Lie Low

Currently. Obviously lots about Copenhagen to come. Also had planned a review on the Bryan Ferry gig that went nowhere and I have some Warm Digits news on the way.

I’ll be adding posts and content to the site as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are a few of my favourite photos I took from Copenhagen on Tuesday night.