Mexican Minds

A short half page spread in local Mexican newspaper Reforma on Thursday night’s gig at the Pepsi Center.

I don’t have the best Spanish (well, any Spanish at all, actually) but, quickly casting an eye over it…seriously? We’re still bringing up Jim’s marriages? What exactly it has to do with the price of fish and this particular gig flummoxes me…but, it adds to the word count, I guess (a word count that could have mentioned the musicianship of the other band members, perhaps? Just a thought.)

Anyway…speaking of things that are neither here nor there…I loooooove that flamingo shirt! 🙂

New Vinyl Acquisitions

Two new vinyl albums – strictly in the “collectors” category. The one on the left (Themes For Great Cities) is a compilation made for the American market and released on Stiff Records, no less. The one on the right is a Mexican pressing of Sons And Fascination. 

In all honesty, I bought both partly due to the collecting element and partly because that picture of Jim on the cover is…divinly delicious! Oh, my word, this man is too beautiful for words (it’s Kerrsday Thursday…I’m allowing myself a small ogle on the new, improved Priptona SM blog!).

Both taking pride of place in the ever expanding Prip vinyl collection.