Holy Freaking Hell! Look At These!

Ermageerrrrrrd! I had seen that picture of Charlie before but NEVER these pictures of Jim! Holy freakballs – I WANT THEM! Laurie Evans – I PRAY you sell these as prints! I’ve GOT to have them! How the hell did it take me TWO MONTHS to find these out on the web?!

I suppose I go trawling around every day for ages…never see anything new, then give up for a while…and then LO! PHOTOGRAPHIC VISUAL GOLD!



Gig Review – NME, October 14th, 1978 – The Future Is kerr And Burchill

Wow…Ian Cranna hit the nail on the head, or what?! Will you look at that! And, some  near 40 years on…they are the mainstays. It is an amazing review, really. Very constructive. Not sycophantic. He did highlight shortcomings…but, wow!

Oh, to have been there at that time. Just so absolutely fucking exciting. I wish, I wish, I wish! But…I wasn’t even 8 years old (not for another two weeks after the review was published), and living on the other side of the world. You can’t turn back time. But I can love them in the here and now. And I do!

Still doesn’t stop me wishing for a TARDIS ride, or 17…


Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Mars Bar, July 30th, 1978 – Part 1

This Mars Bar gig is broken up in parts on YouTube, so for this weekend, I will post songs from the gig in stages. We start with a very rare one indeed. Never made it to a studio recording and this is the only version of it (I know of anyway) out there.

Caught In A Dream: A)…would love to ask Jim about it. Wish his voice was clearer, so I could hear the words properly. It’s very bluesy for them. I hear the Velvet Underground influence on it, esp.