Berlin Blondes

Whilst flicking through the latest edition of Electronic Sound magazine, I was intrigued to see this short review of an anthology issue by a band called Berlin Blondes. It was the cover artwork that initially caught my eye. Then I see the word “Glasgow” and my interest gets FULLY piqued!

It was a brief life for this band. Just the one full album.

On looking them up on the web, the Wikipedia entry for them seemed to suggest they had supported Simple Minds somewhere along their brief existence. I went and looked at the tour info on the Dream Giver Redux site, but I saw little evidence to back this notion up. I would ask Jim if he had any recollection of this, but I feel I am probably not ingratiating myself too kindly right now…for some reason, so I best not. Perhaps I will give Simon Cornwell (webmaster extraordinaire at a quick email, to see if he can shed any light on whether they did indeed support SM at any time.

Anyway, I shall give the album a listen tonight and see what I think. From what I’ve read they sound like they were quite…parodying the sounds of their influences a little too much. But, well, I shall see (hear) for myself.

The Impossible Dream – Melody Maker – September 19th, 1981

It’s an odd piece, this one. Almost like how Jim described the opening line to Barrowland Star to me a couple of weeks back. It’s about everything and nothing…all at once.

And this is the second time I’ve read about him being sick (not quite) on stage. But the first time coming directly from him.

He’s such a damn contradiction at that time. One minute he’s saying he was nervous and threw up…the next he’s saying he never gets nervous on stage…that it’s OFF stage, in intimate settings with strange people, is when he gets nervous.

I find this man endlessly, ENDLESSLY fascinating…beguiling…beautiful…


Join The Q For John

The latest issue of Q Magazine has an interview with John Grant in it. Just around a week to go for my two gigs – next Monday in Brighton, then Wednesday in Bath. A birthday in Bath! Very nice! Looking forward to it. Hope I can shake off this cold I am getting though…

Anyway…the interview…

Vanity’s The Flying V

Some Gibson Flying V “porn” from the latest edition of Guitarist magazine. Just…in case Charlie ever visits the blog 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Flipping heck! An original 1969 Flying V went for £30k?! Fuck me! I bet Charlie wishes he still had his…though I’m not sure his was a ’69 model.

Anyways…guitar porn! Lol (I can tell you that all the knowledge I have on guitars could be written on my pinky finger nail…and I’m a nail-biter! Lol

Simple Minds – RAM Magazine – Jan 20, 1984

There isn’t much to it, really. A review of a Barras gig from Adam Sweeting, then a short one page interview about Sparkle In The Rain.

On the back page was an ad for the Narara festival. There are two previously unseen (by me at least!) pics of Jim within the spread, which I scanned closeups of.


The closeup pics have been filtered to try and produce optimum picture quality. Photographers are: Tasso Taraboulsi, and Mark Green (Jim closeup).


Memorabilia Mountain

Or should that be “memorabilia MOUNTING”?

I have made an acquisition for the first time in MONTHS! I’ve had Minds memorabilia collecting on hold for some time. And I’ve so desperately wanted to add things to my collection and share them here. This is just one thing, for now, and once it arrives in the post, I’ll scan it properly and share it here.

I haven’t spent much on it. But it was sought after for one: being an Oz music mag, but being sold by a UK seller and two: having pics of Jim in it that I’d not seen before. It’s a bit creased buy hopefully (even if I have to do it quite literally) I should be able to iron them out.

In a couple of weeks, I am visiting Virginia Turbett to put together another list of photos for printing. And this time it may not just comprise of SM *cough* Jim Kerr *cough* pics, but XTC, Bowie and Iggy pics too. But there are three photos of Jim that I definitely HAVE to peruse (ogle) again just…to double check them 😉

I won’t be able to make the order for a little time off yet, but at least I will have made firm choices on what I want. All strictly for the PRIVATE collection, of course!

I plan to have SOME sizeable collection. I dare say after a while, only Virginia herself will house a larger collection of her photos – well, at least of Simple Minds…erm… and/or Jim, anyway.