Promised You Holga Lines

I do go through artistic repetitive cycles…

The one I am currently stuck in is the use of holga and multiple representations of Jim…and geometrics. Bringing out my academic slant in my artistry. I have always loved maths, even if I am bloody shit at it. Lol

We Keep Getting Up – Over And Over And Over…

Because you have to. Because life is an endurance test. Because the pockets of good make the mountains of shit just about manageable.

Resilience. Perseverance. Strength. Tenacity.

Possibly not the things Oscar Wilde was thinking of when this (not quite verbatim) quote was linked to him. But I can think he meant this kind of thing.

It is a quote I have loved for many a year. And I have loved Oscar Wilde for many a year. I found someone like Shakespeare far too hard to try to teach myself and understand. But Wilde? He always struck a chord. Maybe it’s the thing of the outsider, the outcast? As someone who never felt they quite fitted in, one gravitates to like minds.

And how did I gravitate to Oscar. I tried to study him and read things. I wasn’t always successful. Also along side him I read James Joyce. There was a pull to Irish writers and poets.

I digress, slightly.

Tonight’s piece came to being from…a spark. A spark I wasn’t looking for. I follow an artists group on Facebook. I’ve never shared a single thing on it. I still don’t consider myself an artist. I call myself all manner of other ridiculous names. Doodler. Collagist…I dunno…anything but “artist”! And if I DO use that word, it is usually in quotation marks, and if it isn’t, I am trying to employ a wonderful display of Wilde-like bravado.

Anyway, the group. A member shared a post with a list of ideas of inspiration of what to try if you found yourself in an artistic rut. I’m not really in one as such right now, but I was reading the list anyway, and I get to number six, “work with your favourite quote” – and like a bolt…it was August, Colchester, the intense joy I had when Martin Chambers’ drum rumble intro to Message Of Love begins and so begins Chrissie “now the reason we’re here…” – IS TO HEAR THIS AMAZING FUCKING SONG!

And there it all was, laid out before me. The piece almost made itself…already clearly defined. Chrissie, among the stars, reminding us, through Oscar, to KEEP LOOKING UP! Don’t worry about tripping up, cos you’re just looking up there and you miss your footing and you stumble. Keep looking up, cos that’s where the good stuff is!

Belief! Not in a god or luck or anything else. Believe – in you! And your ability to get through. To make the good stuff count and get the mountains of shit to look like molehills!

Thank you, Oscar. Thank you, Chrissie.

Winners Are Grinners

Winners of the SM Blue Monday art giveaway are as follows:

Dave Kramer
Michaela Jo
Helen Titterington

Blog: Stuart H

Hans Honkyhosen

Congrats everyone. I’ll be in touch with all privately shortly.

Soul Crying Out – For You To Enter The Giveaway!

With just a couple of days to go until Blue Monday (this upcoming Monday, January 21st) – there’s just a little time left to go to enter the giveaway. All you have to do is tell me your fave Simple Minds song, and you could win a print of your fave song.

Freshly off the creative production line, a much superior piece for Soul Crying Out than had been previously made.

This one could be yours! Leave ya fave in the comments by midday GMT on Monday. Off you go!

Today I Saw A Fill-em

My mum never knew her father’s parents – her grandparents – actually, she never even got to know her father for he died shortly after her birth – complications he’d long carried with him from WWI. Errol Forde Clancy was his name. First generation Australian, a son of Irish immigrants. Speaking of films…my Nan (mum’s mum) would often recount the story to mum (and mum, as a consequence to us kids) of Granddad refusing to stand up in the cinema when the national anthem played (back then of course still God Save The King – as it would have been at that time, during the reign of George V – and film being in its infancy). “He wouldn’t stand up for me!”, he’d say to my Nan, “so why should I do it for him?”
I’m sure he’d have felt differently had Advance Australia Fair been the anthem.
Somehow just one word…one quirk from mum’s Irish ancestry filtered through audibly…and it was her way of saying the word “fill-em”. I never knew anyone else who’d say it like that…unless they were actually Irish.
It’s audible in Jim singing it in Thirty Frames A Second…he actually says it that way too – with his talking voice.
I love the word. Sometimes the sound of a word, its intonation when spoken, can give it as much significance as its actual definition. Such is the case with “film”.