Two Weeks To Go – A Little Bit Of Cheer

“Don’t you have enough images of Jim?” I hear you ask? Erm…NO! Obviously not! Lol

And with the number of images Virginia Turbett has of Jim ALONE, that is unlikely to change soon. I have only a few on my STRICT “shopping list” to go. Which will then have brought my collection of Virginia Turbett prints to (I think) 150.

Again, if money was no object, I’d keep going. I’m sure I will still buy one here and there, when funds allow. I love them all too much!

I think we can safely say that I have the biggest collection of Virginia Turbett Simple Minds/Jim Kerr photos in the entire universe now. Well, apart from Virginia herself, that is.

The one that is in the middle of the three? It accompanies the old “fiddle merchant” one that you guys know is a favourite. Now “fiddle merchant” gets joined with “holy shit! If I had been Virginia taking this photo I’d have MELTED/ sultry, brooding, down-the-camera-lens/excuse me while I rock back and forth on the spot while cradling myself/he’s just so goddamn fucking beautiful!“ photo sitting on the chair…with the boots and the white t-shirt and the jeans and the slick back hair.

Imma gonna die! Or my eyes are gonna fall out. One or the other.


Three more for the collection.

Big Music Arena Tour – Slim Jim

Oh, he is looking mighty, mighty fine! 😉

Sexy man! Love him to bits – more and more each day.

Heart is going to burst.

Thursday/Friday is going to be SSSOOO HARD, knowing I could have been there to see him :-(((

I’m dreading how I’m going to be feeling…

Sorry, no credit for photo. Shared by fan on a Simple Minds FB fan page. Will gladly give credit if known by anyone who the photographer is.

Don’t know why, really (it was going cheap), but I finally bought a copy of the Smash Hits magazine from 1985 with “Jim Kerr is Theresa May’s style guru” cover. Lol. Space cadets of the world, unite!

I think I also thought there might have been something good inside…nope. Lol.

A short time ago, I read a lady’s blog. She was based in Australia (Melbourne, I think) and got to meet and hang out with the Minds in 1981 and 1982. She crushed heavily on Jim and based on her diary entries from the time, he seemed rather keen on her too. Both in their early 20s (young and inexperienced…perhaps more on her side than Jim’s – let’s be honest!), one night things went a bit pear-shaped and Jim made a scathing remark (all by the lady’s accounts, of course…but I’m sure with it being her diary, it was all true).

She, being a little flippant, asked whether he took his make-up off before bed or not. His scathing response was “what do the other pop stars you sleep with do?”


Perhaps she could have saved herself the grief if she had seen this picture. Poor lass.