Sometimes The Rabbit Hole Comes Up Trumps!

I ADORE this tune!

This was on a Ministry Of Sound Chillout Sessions compilation I had YEARS ago and this was my favourite track on it. I didn’t even know it was Laurie Anderson providing the main vocal – that it was one of her songs that had been sampled, until the OH heard it (she’s a big Laurie Anderson fan).

So it was she that told me it was a track on Big Science called “Walking and Falling”. Anderson’s own version is very minimalist and only runs for a couple of minutes. Still fab, obviously, but there was just something so much more “substantial” to this Sumsonic version.

So… “I went looking for you, but I couldn’t find you” – until today!

I can’t believe I FINALLY hunted this down! So so happy!!! One piece of “happy” today.

Lou Reed By Laurie Anderson

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