The Collared Shirt Aesthetic

A man in a long-sleeve plain cotton collared shirt. It is an aesthetic I love and by God, there are few men who pull it off better than this absolute Adonis. Yep…the collared shirt aesthetic and the 1981 Kerr aesthetic are converging and hitting me something rotten right now. So this post is basically an excuse to ogle Jim in a collared shirt. Stretched tight across his titties…that’ll do me! I objectify this man so much! SHAME ON ME! #SorryNotSorry

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Because It Can Be Cathartic To Share

Jim – I am SSOOO sorry. More than anything in the WORLD, I’d love to paint you well…

But, this is the reality. It looks better with the naked eye – I SWEAR TO GOD! I mean, still not great but better than this pic is showing!

Still, I apologise, Sir…for trying to paint you once again.

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(via A group portrait of Simple Minds, near Edinburgh, Scotland, 27th…)

I somehow missed this one of this photo shoot. 

OMG – Jim! I want to die!!

Virginia Turbett – you are a genius!

And just for closer inspection…

Have a mop handy for that drool!