Jim Kerr Dance Academy – The Elbow Bump

Hello Everybody, and welcome back to the Jim Kerr Dance Academy.

Finding it a bit crowded on the dancefloor, or just trying to guard yourself from unwanted attention from the opposite (or even same) sex? Well, here at the Jim Kerr Dance Academy, we don’t condone violence – but old “Jimmy Panda Eyes” himself has the solution for you!

Employ elbow action as a dance move! Richard Ashcroft (he of The Verve) got it *ALL* wrong in the Bittersweet Symphony video. He just let people bump into him and damned the consequences. But old “Jimmy Panda Eyes” here is taking evasive action. 

Get those elbows working, children, and YOU TOO can master the fine art of the “Jimmy Panda Eyes” Elbow Move. Good luck!

Jim Kerr Dance Academy – The Vogue

Sorry for the gap in posts from the Jim Kerr Dance Academy – but here we are, back with another lesson. 

Tonight – THE VOGUE. Yeah, you all thought it was Madonna, didn’t you? Ah-ah!!! Here is evidence that Mr Kerr was *at it* looong before Her Madge-esty. Lol

Get practising, children – and you too can master the Kerr Vogue. 

Lesson Six at the Jim Kerr Dance Academy – The “Jimmy Jesus”/Cliff Richard (see any Cliff video for reference – esp. older Cliff).

Stretch those arms out, children!

Lesson Five at the Jim Kerr Dance Academy – The Crazy Left Arm Flail (mostly to be employ after the Left Arm Wrist/Fist Pump – but not exclusively).

Get those arms flailing!

Are you ready for another lesson from the Jim Kerr Dance Academy? Of course you are!

Lesson Four: The Left Arm Wrist/Fist Pump (watch wearing optional).

Welcome back to the Jim Kerr Dance Academy.

Lesson Three: The Microphone Punch and Finger Click.

This one takes a little more skill and co-ordination. I’m sure you’ll master it in no time 😉

Back to the Jim Kerr Dance Academy…

Lesson Two: The Chest-Beating Silverback (eat your heart out, Celine Dion – Jim was doing it LOOOONG ago, honey!)

Practice makes perfect, children.