Early Days…

Love the detail of the crown! Not going to look too pretty for a while yet…but I can see it’s gonna look REAL good!

And they played SM for me while it was getting done :-))

Inking The Skin – AGAIN!

This is something of how it’ll look. It’s not EXACT (wording will be better placed on my wrist…it is the correct font they’ll use though (it’s called Timeless…nice!) and I think the “SM” initials are in the Timeless font too – not what I used here. And I am getting this exact claddagh. So…it should look pretty much like this…only better (I hope!).

It’s getting done Wednesday morning. We’ll see! 

At least I can fit the catalogue numbers on my wrist. If I wanted the album titles (Empires And Dance, Sons And Fascination, Sister Feelings Call, New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)) FAT CHANCE! Lol. I like the ambiguity of the catalogue numbers :-))

More Ink

Starting to think about getting inked up again. Something like this on my left forearm would be awesome! I would probably have the waves smaller, and have the inks more colourful (not just shades of blue) to reflect the lyrics. I really want to get the lyrics tattooed, for sure. A picture accompanying them would be wonderful. The second pic, I altered the colours of the wave. 🙂