Pleasantly Disturbed – New Hanging Around Books Release!

A new release by Hanging Around Books sees images taken in 1978 by Laurie Evans feature in the book.

I feel ssooo bad as I made the horrendous assumption that Laurie is a man! My apologies, Laurie.

I’ve been waiting a while on this one as I had contacted Laurie some time back from seeing photos she’d taken of Jim on the banks of the Clyde years ago and enquired about prints. She told me of its imminent release then and I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since then.

The book is officially released on Feb 28th but is available to pre-order.

Use the link below for order details.

P.S. I don’t care how it sounds but – he is goddamn beautiful on that cover! There. It’s done.

Staring At (Photos Of) The Rude Boys – New Ruts Photobook

There’s a new Hanging Around book release featuring the photography of Virginia Turbett. The book in question features photos of The Ruts (aka Ruts DC – as they are known these days).

The book called “South Of Babylon: The Ruts 1978-1979” is available to pre-order through the Hanging Around Books site and is released on May 27th. Click here to order your copy.

Really looking forward to this one.

Hanging Around In Mojo…

Great to see Ronnie Gurr’s Hanging Around photo books getting a write up in the current issue of Mojo magazine. Great for Virginia too! Jonesy was “leery”? Surprised he wasn’t full-on lecherous! Lol. He seems to think he’s “had” every woman he’s ever come across (BAD WORDING!) when he talks these days. Lol

Of course you can check out all there is on offer by visiting

Hanging Around Books – A Signed Edition With Every 4 Book Bundle Purchased!

Until June 25th, Hanging Around Books is offering one signed copy of either Simple Minds –  So Far, So Distant and So Long Ago; The Skids – Scared To Dance, or Stiff Little Fingers with each 4 book bundle purchased (just be sure to add the copy you want signed to the shopping cart and contact with your request of which signed copy you’d like once purchased).

More details can be found here:

Or for those viewing on desktop, click the link to visit Hanging Around Books for full details.

Look What Showed Up Today!

It’s here! And it’s beautiful!! (He’s beautiful!)

OMG! What a serious bit of fangirl treasure it is! 

If you haven’t got your copy yet, WHY NOT?!!! You WON’T be disappointed!! 

Check my post from a few days ago to see more details. 

Can you tell I’m happy? :-)))