Hair: Goals v Reality

When looking at a couple of pics of myself taken yesterday, I came to the rather sobering realisation that…as much as I would love to believe I pull off what is going on in the image on the left, the reality is my hair resembles far more closely what is going on on the right.


I just haaad to use the pic of Bolan with his tit out. Lol. What is it with boys wanting to flash their tits? I just love the way it has been done with nonchalant expertise. “And, you’re only getting ONE tit, people! I do have SOME class!”, says Marc. Lol


Kerrsday Thursday – SBH – Love Song (Countdown)

I know it’s Love Song again. But it’s Countdown. It’s Oz…and Boy with the man-bag and looking ridiculously uber cool and sexy as fuck!

And next week’s Kerrsday Thursday I’ll be back in Blighty, freezing my tits off (which I kind of prefer anyway! Lol. I mean, not freezing my tits off – but feeling cold rather than hot)…so let’s have Boy being all in black and looking slightly tanned and wearing shades indoors, cos he can! Fuck it! God love him.

All hail Jim Kerr! The Boy have buckets of swag 🙂

Ciao, Australia…maybe see you again?

Kerrsday Thursday – SBH – The Cherubic Devil

This picture really is becoming an absolute favourite. It is just SUCH a perfect blend of “butter wouldn’t melt” and “I am going to give you a damn good seeing to!” (Well, perhaps in one’s dreams – and maybe not ogling the Boy at 21 when at 45 – what can I say? It would be COUGARVILLE! Lol)


Picture by David Corio