Kerrsday Thursday – Newbies – Close Up And Left…

God Boy, you were looking good then! And…a final bit of left ear action. Seeing as I no longer have a blog dedicated solely to his left ear, maybe next week’s Kerrsday Thursday should be a left ear special? Lol. Fetish 

Anyway, I enjoyed this one…and they were a bunch of photos I’ve never shared before, so…yeah.

Until next week, ciao! 

Kerrsday Thursday – Newbies – Guilfest Bhoy

Ooh, he was looking mighty, mighty fine in 2004. I will forever rue the day I never became the uber Minds fan I am now much earlier. 

I wish it had gelled in 2006. I tried! But I was in a bad place then…and obviously just didn’t give it time. Depression makes you feel SSOO indifferent to everything and I suppose that’s what happened. I just gave up in indifference and thought, “they’ll always be an ‘also ran'”. 

Very odd to hear Jim speak of the band James in much the same way I was with Minds for all these years. The only Minds album I ever bought was Once Upon A Time and I never kept it. When I wanted to listen to them back then, I’d borrow their music from the library.

Well, the looooong passage of time has recrified that, at last!

Anyways…back to the ogling! Lol


Photo credits: J. Quinton