It’s Work…Honestly, Gov…

Today I will be mostly trying to spot nipple on a rather resplendent and rippled chest.

Ooh I do love a skinny boy.

YES! It is not lost on me the irony…

But I can’t help what I like to be aesthetically pleasing.

The fact that I am a washed out old hag with tits that flop to her knees and legs the size of tree stumps is neither here nor there.

Oh, I have done some painting today too. If only I could endlessly paint (well!) this fine specimen of perfection. Right down to that luscious, kinky folded ear. Nom nom nom!!

(Damn, I should have nibbled on it at Bridlington! I WAS ON HIS LEFT SIDE FFS!)

Oh My Good Lordy!

Well, well, well! It is interesting when you find yourself at Getty Images for the first time in a while and never-before-seen pictures appear! 

I do believe you are quite beautiful, Mr Kerr (outrageous, screaming bias!).

TOUCH THE LEATHER! 😜🤗🤗🤗 (Jacket and boots! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!! Down, girl! Lol)

Loving the pose too. 

Now – I know the line he’s singing is “I love to feel the free world turn tonight” but for all the love in the world it looks like when he says “to”, he actually says “you”. I slowed the second clip down as further evidence 😉

“I love you”! That is what he’s saying (even though I know he’s not!).

Seriously. I love you too, Jim. Soooo much! (please, never see this web site!)

Nice, clean footage to work with here. And, oh, the gifs made from it! 

The bottom one!! Woof!! More on that shortly…


This man SERIOUSLY gives me a microphone fetish! He has SO many ways of holding a mic – and, you know, mics are all phallic and stuff. 


My beautiful Goth Prince: Laird Dash Fandango

I’m the one needing a fan – for my “dango”. Lol.