“Grip” Gifs – Jim & Baz Warne

Fun times for Simple Minds and The Stranglers in the recording studio together…on Jim Kerr’s birthday – July 9th, 2015.

Rock on out, boys!

“Grip” Gifs – Jim & Charlie Mix

Charlie in the groove…and more Jim rocking out…though, what is in that trouser pocket, mister? Lol..we ALL know…Mr Trouser Snake!

“Grip” – Various Gifs

Jim’s random movements :-)) Mel bashing away on those drums, having a whale of a time. Love the rat on Dave Greenfield’s keyboard. Hope that keyboard is a Roland…cos then that’ll make that a “Roland Rat”! Lol

“Grip” Gifs – Jim’s Gestures

Jim – as the gorgeous Birthday Bhoy, rocking on out with The Stranglers, during their collaboration recording of (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) back on July 9th, 2015.