Dream Adventures…

The wanders I have been doing recently. I still dream of stuff like this. Maybe I’m holding out going to the Necropolis so I can dream he’ll accompany me? Lol – yeah. In my dreams, I know!

I could take HIM to Sighthill – though he’s probably already been. We could compare and contrast. Who has the better local cemetery. Lol (Sighthill FTW!)

My friend Stephen is always joking about Jim taking me “up The Trossachs”. Lol. I’d be happy with the Necropolis.

I’d be happy with anywhere. I’d be happy to know he’d even want to share space on earth with me….SOMEWHERE.

I wish I could stop being a silly cow and STOP WISHING for things that will never happen.

I guess I had my chance. The promenade at Bridlington. And I squandered it. Stupid fool.

One of the more odd appearances of the Minds on TV. Jim’s in a real 80s fashion hybrid here. Still wearing his mid 80s tights…but matched with the jacket of his “Smash Hits cover/Waterfront video” blue suit (from 1984). Had he run out of clothes at this point?! 

And to think this man is being asked his fashion secrets these days 😉