More on GenEric V.2

In stages…

In the end he became a poster boy for a fictional Manicure/Pedicure place. I WAS going to actually WRITE on the pad, on the work directly…but anyone who knows me well enough, probably knows I suck even HARDER at actually writing a sentence without a spelling mistake or dislexic like brain fuck up than I do at this “art” lark…so I imputed the text digitally. And…it went a bit silly in the end. Lol. But hey! It’s been a fun afternoon/evening. Lol

In the end, I couldn’t even do doll hands! Lol. What I had in my head for the hand & subsuquent foot was VERY different. Happy accidents! That’s how I’ll defend it.

GenEric V.2

It MAY go somewhere….but, for now – GenEric V.2Soft pastels on 180gms sketch paper. When I work with no visual “blue print” my faces go DARK! I would like to expand this somehow…but…where to go?