Birthday Bouquet? 

This picture appeared five hours ago on SMO…but…I had a strange way to view it. Can’t say how I ended up seeing it…and it *WAS* shared on SMO…but…it just dosen’t show up in the regular way. So odd!

Oh…but he looks wonderful…and there are gerberas! I love gerberas :-)))
Happy birthday, you beautiful man!

Flowers – Icehouse

A flashback – to a time when I’d play this album on the family stereo system in the lounge room. Again, ever thankful for having older brothers that had fabulous music taste. How many other kids were sitting around listening to Flowers’ (as they were then) debut album when they were 9 years old?

Ivor’s Place

There’s a pun in there for you canny people to find with that blog post title! 😉


I have never done a piece that wasn’t Simple Minds or David Bowie inspired before, but wanting to link to that Iva Davies interview on YT, I made a VERY quick piece for it this afternoon. Well, just now I expanded on it and turned it into a full on piece.

I love this song! So damn sexy!
WHERE IS MY COPY OF ROADRUNNER MAGAZINE WITH IVA AND JIM ON THE COVER???!!! *cries* Why did it have to get lost in the post? :-(((( I will FOREVER lament…unless by some miracle at some point it appears. This I will not hold my breath on!

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