Flirty Kerr With Collett

I’ve been meaning to share this here. Someone posted it on the SMOG FB page and…well, look at the photo. Jesus, he’s such a flirt! God, I’d give anything!

You beautiful man, Mr Kerr. I wish I didn’t adore you so much.

I love the story behind the crane. I never even thought about it being that – that he bought it for that reason. That’s frigging adorable!

It’s these things! These kind of actions! It’s not just the aesthetic of him. It’s all of it. His words. How he sees the world. How he relates to things. How things impact upon him. All of that. All of that makes me love him.

Not just him being a singer and lyricist in a band. That’s almost irrelevant – it’s only relevant in terms of making him known to me. It’s the person he is – the character. He’s beauty personified.

Jim Kerr, you are just the most beautiful thing to me and you bring me to tears.

You can read the full post about the time NZ music journalist, Helen Collett, met up with the Minds (and the resulting Kerr/Collett flirtathon) by clicking HERE


How can I? You are FAAAR too tempting, Sir! (I adore you)

“To see *it*”! Lol. I was referring to the Rewind festival he mentioned in his post about Trevor Horn. Of course, before that I left a comment about the line in Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Welcome To The Pleasuredome (which he had shared a YouTube link to)…”In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a pleasuredome erect” – the way Holly Johnson arranges those words so the emphasis falls on the word “erect” – not to mention the way Holly delivers it! It SSOOO appeals to my…suggestive nature. Listen for yourselves…

I also later realised the word I meant was “surveyor” rather than “purveyor”. Oh, well…it still kind of fits.