And Then…He Posts…

And makes me smile and giggle…and my mood instantly lifts. And it almost feels like a “Spaceface moment” again…even though that was more personal because it involved my art…but all the same. Just the effect he had of lifting my mood and taking me out of my woes. I could kiss him! I bloody well wish I had done at EVERY opportunity that availed itself in the spring. Never mind…I shall give endless, virtual kisses instead. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

(For some reason, I can’t post the FB link, so here’s a pic of the post instead…to read the comments, you’ll have to go to FB)

Been saving this one up for a rainy day. One my friend C’ Moon sent me via Facebook. Thank you!

Jim Kerr, circa 1991 – freshly showered – shaving in front of a mirror – polishing his boots – and showing off his Dutch football kit – BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHEST (and flash of nipple!) #nom