What To Do?

I really don’t know what to do with this blog at the moment.

In the past, today would be a “Kerrsday Thursday” – the day coined as a lame excuse for some ogling. Be it by pictures or video. I’ve pretty much shared every pic I have been able to without infringing copyright…and others I just go ahead at risk…but I try so hard NOT TO! I have asked one photographer recently for their permission for sharing their photos here but I believe they have chosen to ignore me…and I can’t pay them. Not until I have some funds at my disposal, and that may be some months yet.

And YouTube or Virgin…or some other record company or other seemed to have pulled a number of great early SM promo clips. The Someone Somewhere In Summertime clip in which Mel’s arse is dangerously close to being set alight is gone, as is that amazing colour Folllies footage of Factory – at least preserved by that guy that runs that “Decade 77-87” FB page. But now FB has changed its share feature, I can’t link to things so well from FB.

And there are very few new clips (new OLD clips, that is) coming through.

That’s just one example.

The Weekend WhirliGIG was a great concept too…but I had criteria for it, which was the gig must have taken place on the weekend or during a public holiday. It meant I exhausted what was on YouTube fairly quickly. I should have only made it a once a month feature…but it was fun to do and I was excited by it.

The art isn’t happening.
The gigs are drying up.
I can’t afford to buy any memorabilia at the moment.

What’s a girl to do?