A Reminder From Cherisse

Voting closes tomorrow for the nominations for best live session drummer for the Rhythm drumming awards, 2018.

Here’s a reminder on Cherisse’s Instagram

Cherisse Osei Nominated For Best Live Session Drummer 2018

MUSICRADAR and Rhythm magazine are holding their annual drumming awards again this November, and once more mighty Cherisse Osei has been nominated again in the “best live session drummer” category.

GET VOTING, PEEPS! (Thanks to Mr Kerr for the reminder today to post this here on the blog.) Click the photo to be taken to the voting page. You have until November 15th. Get cracking!


He’s The Best, Paul!

This would have been the exact same thing I would have done, until recently…lol (making the faux pas of not knowing WTF Paul Thompson was. The only drummer named Paul Thompson I knew of is in Franz Ferdinand. Lol)