To The Drum…

Had a Facetime lesson with Cherisse yesterday – which is pretty daft, seeing as all I have are drum sticks and sod all else. BUT…what it did do is remind me how much I actually love it, when I am not caught up in getting terse with myself and wanting to run before I can walk.

And I don’t know whether she was just being kind but she said to me yesterday that I really do have it in me to do it, which was great to hear because I just feel like I just don’t have the coordination and I know my hi-hat playing SUCKS ARSE. Lol. But I KNOW it sucks arse – so…I gotta work on it. All of it.

Yesterday’s lesson just highlighted how much I missed it! And I was ssoooo dedicated last year. Having my weekly practice at Mill Hill – walking to and back from Luton Parkway station every Saturday, then going and practicing for one or (usually) two hours. It was my whole Saturday, basically.

I miss it! I have room for a kit here. In the house. In my bedroom. In the garage. There’s ample room.

I just need to get it. I WILL GET A KIT. I WILL GET A KIT. I WILL GET A KIT!

And, as soon as this lockdown thing is over and there is some sort of return to normality – Scott, if you’re reading this – we HAVE to have a jam session over in the southside.