He’s Running Low!

Oh no!!! The Energizer Bunny’s batteries are wearing out! Someone fix him! Lol.

Spank Dat Ass!

Jim joins the crowd at the Dortmund gig in 1984. Look closely and you’ll see someone gives his butt a good pat on his left cheek. Don’t think I’d be able to resist that temptation either! Lol. What a sexy butt to spank! Yum yum!

Jim Kerr Dance Academy – The Vogue

Sorry for the gap in posts from the Jim Kerr Dance Academy – but here we are, back with another lesson. 

Tonight – THE VOGUE. Yeah, you all thought it was Madonna, didn’t you? Ah-ah!!! Here is evidence that Mr Kerr was *at it* looong before Her Madge-esty. Lol

Get practising, children – and you too can master the Kerr Vogue.