Fancy A Cuddle?

On today’s post, Jim has had a few offers of a cuddle. (And accepted an offer too!)

I must admit that just six weeks back, if you’d have said to me I’d now be in a position to pass judgement on what it’s like to be hugged by Jim Kerr – I’d have told you that YOU (and I, for that matter!) were dreaming…but lo…the evidence speaks for itself!

I’m still not even sure that what this is is actually deemed a hug or not. All’s I know is that it gave me a Count Arthur Strong style Professor Brian Cox feeling 🙂
(Basically, that’s a warm and fuzzy feeling…particularly evident when having just done a good deed – which I had done…a very nervous fan nearly missed his chance of getting Charlie’s autograph in his Acoustic tour book. Had I not stopped Charlie and asked him to do so, the poor man would have missed out.)