Caezar The Moment

One final piece of brilliance from last night’s gig. Jinky giving one heartbreaking and breathtaking rendition of David Bowie’s I Can’t Give Everything Away. This man’s voice is phenomenal! Tissues at the ready…


With the news of the demise of the NME in print form, it is time once again to share the BEST cover the NME ever had in all its years of print…

So much so, a copy of it is on the wardrobe doors.

Nice Day For A Black Puddun – Lol

I was getting myself ready for check-out of the hotel as this was playing over the radio on Friday morning, so I was only half tuned in. All I could pick up was that it was sounding stonking…and despite Jim being under the weather, he was sounding great. But I certainly heard the “black pudden” [sic] line. Lol