What Makes It All Worth While

This. Stuff like this. I never thought I could EVER create something that would ever bring out such emotions in somebody. Art moves me like this. Makes me laugh, cry…all kinds of emotions…it rarely makes me feel indifferent…and even when it does, well, it has still stirred and evoked something within me.

My Rainbow Angel is making living, breathing angels happy…and how can I not be moved by that? How could that not spur me on to keep working? Keep making art? Keep painting?

Thank you!

Olly’s Safe Landing

Olly has arrived safely at his new home, and I am SO relieved! 

Thank you, Ally, for commissioning me to paint you an owl. The belief and faith you bestowed in me means more than I can express. I felt the pressure to get him right! But more than anything, I am overjoyed you are happy with him and love him.


Olly is done! I’ve added what is fast becoming a “Loz” signature note to my paintings and used an iridescent copper on the eyes and ears, and subtle bits on the rock. 

I really, really love him – and I hope his new owner will too.

Now to get him posted off to Australia safe and securely! How much cardboard and bubble wrap is TOO MUCH cardboard and bubble wrap? Lol