Priptona Art Used For Video Ident!

Well, this is pretty cool. Any way in which my art is appreciated and used these days makes me happy. So, to be alerted to the Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel piece being used as a FB video ident was a nice surprise – even if the FB page itself blocked me some time ago.

And this one always feels so special because it was at a time where I felt I was bombarding Jim with stuff…and he very kindly…and probably most likely to his eternal regret, was so, so wonderful and encouraging to me and gave me such positive feedback!

It was probably the day I fell in love with him! Lol.
Oh, god. I’ll make him regret it even MORE now!


The ident is fleeting but …

Lyric Of The Day – Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel (Inexplicable Redo)

I don’t know why I decided to redo it. Jim liked the first one…I don’t think I’ve ever redone one that he liked…other than Hunter And The Hunted…but that was due to the guilt of using copyright images…and…well, the original one is beautiful.

Experimentation I suppose was at the heart of it. I really do need to crack on with getting more originals done. I’m gonna run out of time to do them :-/