Drop The Mic!

BOOM! Jim’s reply to a self-proclaimed “biggest fan”…

Bloody wish I had seem it last night. Priceless!



On a more serious note…really, as Jim put more eloquently…get on board, or fuck off!


Touché Away!

Okay! I freely admit to posting this comment to get him to reply to me. I knew it would make him bite. Oh…but he knew EXACTLY what to say to make me bite back! Lol. Bitch! He knew exactly where to hit me…like he did last week with that “sideliner” comment. That one felt REALLY “below the belt”…and I still wonder if I took it far more personally than he meant (I don’t know)…but today’s was a “TOUCHÉ, GIRLY!” retort.

As for “fussing” at you, fellow fan? I was just under the concern that yet ANOTHER American fan was going to misinterpret Sir’s warped sense of humour, get the hump and piss off. Why do I care if he loses fans? I dunno…I ain’t the band’s management. But you got it…so all’s well that ends well, I guess.

Apart from me now feeling that I will forever in his eyes be the “Johnny come lately” of the SM fandom. Why I feel the need to prove my worth is, well…rather pathetic, actually. A lifetime of being an outcast…wanting to be liked…wanting to feel a sense of belonging…feeling included. And…other things aside.

I was karate-chopping pictures of him afterwards. Lol. And I punched my cushion! Lol. That felt good.

Who’s The Boss? Meow!

Anyone care to guess here why I might not have expressed my grievance to the set list being a little short and stage time lacking, just a little, to Sir personally? 

That was EXACTLY the reply I feared. I love you, Sir…but you are a bitch! Lol

And he started off so nicely, and bit his tongue…as the edit history shows. Thumper got drowned out today! Oops! Lol