Mind The Birds – Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

All The Things She Squawked?

Two of them showed up on my Facebook timeline this morning, and I thought they’d make a great subject for a drawing. It wasn’t until I was finished did I suddenly realise that this is the VERY species of cockatoo that gets a starring role in a Simple Minds video…adorning Jim’s legs and lap, no less! (Lucky bird! Lol)


Warning: Bird Pic! Goldcrest…

Here at the “Mind The Birds” blog, you are going to see the odd bird in between all the Simple Minds fangirling, and Jim Kerr ogling. Sorry about that (not sorry!). 

Here’s my BIG tiny goldcrest :-)) They can weigh as little as a 1p piece, you know. What little firecrackers they are! 


Yes…it’s a Simple Minds (Jim Kerr) blog…yada yada! But, I want to get better at this art malarkey, so I *had* to share this. 

I drew this! I bloody well drew it from scratch…and it is f***ing AWESOME for a first attempt! Even if I do say so myself.

I know I need sssoooo much work. But for a first attempt of a bird…since…well…since the last time I did art in primary school (I knew I sucked then. I could never draw!) – to THIS!!!