New (Gold) Icon

I’ve done two previous posts I have labelled “icon”. One highlighting a piece of art I did incorporating Sir, and the other, once trying to capture this moment.

I love the way the sunlight filters through the break in the curtains and shines upon the pic. And to think I told this man he isn’t a messiah! (Sorry, Jim! I was an evil cow for saying that 😦 Love you ❤️)

Anyway…I couldn’t title the post “icon” AGAIN…hence the new title.

The first time I made an “icon” titled post, I was trying to capture the point that the sunlight through the break in the curtains reached the centre of the NME cover of Jim and lit up his face “icon style”. You can see from the previous post, I didn’t do that well. It never worked that well. But this morning, the sun was shining and I had my new phone to hand…and well…I took a few snaps and I like the contrast I caught between the first one (which failed in its objective) and the subsequent ones – playing with light levels on the phone’s camera settings. I’m sharing three of these as I like all three and couldn’t decide which one to post. (I posted one version on my FB timeline, another on the SMO visitor wall.)

I just find it a beautiful thing. Gonna have to hope I get a south-east facing bedroom in the new house to have any chance to replicate this. We’ll see…


Painting The Beautiful Muse

Oh, just look at him! There are so many favourite images I have of this man!

When I move…then THIS will be the image of him I will try and paint.

It’s been a long while since I spoke like this, for want of not wanting to embarrass myself in front of potential prying eyes, but…

Sweet Jesus and the baby orphans! Jim Kerr you are one beautiful, beautiful man! I mean…I damn love you as a human being, a person. I adore you. But there is an aesthetic that just blows my fucking mind. Like…SERIOUSLY! I’m just….in awe.

I think it may well truly be an affliction. John Grant, when he talks of his song Where Dreams Go To Die, he talks of this thing of just…seeing the aesthetic beauty in someone and it kind of takes over. Like…well, he talks about it in relationship terms…skipping elements of the phases of a relationship when you are strongly infatuated with a person’s aesthetic and physical beauty. I mean…I get it. I really…really get what he means with that song.

It isn’t just for Jim back then…although I freely admit it is stronger for then…but it is still present for now. No wonder I’m rendered damn speechless! Lol.

Anyway…that’s enough embarrassment for one night! If I can even BEGIN to turn this into an actual painting once settled in a new place…well…I’ll be ecstatic. Oh, I will never, ever have the talent to do him justice. Ever.



Out Of My League…

Never in it in the first place *le sigh*

(Ignore me. I’ve descended into “wallow” mode again. Lovely picture though. That is definitely how one does “aesthetically pleasing”. It’s not even Thursday yet…)

Sunny EAD

The sunlight filtering through our front door creating colourful effects on the Empires And Dance themed minimalist print. It’s so pretty!!! :-)))

I love this album so, so much!