The Barrowland Star – Priptona Shrine Art

It’s a Prip nostalgia trip of the highest order. With overt Kerr 1982 aesthetic on display. This one is made exactly four years ago today. It came up in my Facebook memories.

There are parts of that appearance on The Tube in 1982 in which Jim just floors me with his beauty. I have made SSSOOOOO much work from that Tube appearance.

Jim Kerr, you are just…jawdropping in your beauty. I will never stop adoring you. Sorry! #notsorry

Walk Between Worlds Giveaway

Giveaway time, peeps! Who’d like a print of a Walk Between Worlds track? I’ll pick three winners and you can have your choice of the title track, Barrowland Star, Summer, In Dreams or Silent Kiss. Just comment on the post with which print you’d want to have. (Or retweet if on Twitter)
Enter by 23.59 Monday evening. Winners announced Tuesday. Good luck!

One Night In Glasgow – Part Three: Friday (Signing Day)

It was a restless night. Woke up around 3.30am…my first listen to Walk Between Worlds took place during semi-consciousness inside the EasyHotel…

I really wanted a coffee! But my fave drink from Costa is the chai latte…so I had a large one! The mug is SSOO big, it needs “Trump handles”. Lol

Fopp was quick on the ball with the right advertising!

“Is it true you’re running round now is it true they’re calling you the”….

Man! I ssooooo need a coffee TARDIS! Lol

The Duke in the sunlight…

They really do. The city folk are wonderful 🙂

Went into the MoMA and had to take a pic of this Beryl Cook on display. DOUGHNUTS EVERYWHERE! Lol

Another coffee break, and time for an empire biscuit.

Exit through the gift shop at MoMA and get yourself the BEST shirt to wear to Barras next week 🙂

And, finally…look what I scored after it was all done. Having asked for one about 5 different times over these past couple of weeks…a member of staff took the one seen on the previous post out of the shop window and gave it to me! I will be forever grateful. Thank you!

Call Me Prip…”Hey, Prip! There’s Been A Murrrrderrrrr In The Ballroom.”

I love it! Steve Lamacq called me Prip! Cos we is like besties and stuff, yeah. Lol

I’m being silly…but it was actually really cool.

Normally I’d beat myself up for a typo like that…but it kinda worked…made it Scottish. Lol

And you can hear the snippet at the end below. I’ll link to the full program in a separate post shortly.