Kerr Cab

I don’t highlight stuff he writes too often these days. I mean, if any of you blog visitors are SM fans, you know where they are on social media (I mention SMO FB enough!).

But today…he’s a card!

Goddamn man! Why does have to be so lovely and funny and sexy and just…


Hell, No Mel?

It never ends. But, geez, when Sir bites back, I could bloody kiss him! (Well, I don’t need an excuse like this. Lol. Not that I would! IN MY ETERNAL DAMN DREAMS!) He cracks me up when he does this stuff…

Drop The Mic!

BOOM! Jim’s reply to a self-proclaimed “biggest fan”…

Bloody wish I had seem it last night. Priceless!



On a more serious note…really, as Jim put more eloquently…get on board, or fuck off!