Badges Winners!

Winners of the four sets of badges are: Ben Wheeler, Leslie Molieri, Duncan McDonald and Gordon Machray.

Your sets will be making their way to you shortly! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered. There will be more giveaways to come, including one that I am VERY, VERY excited to announce which I think will have many of you excited. Stay tuned!

Anyone interested in owning any replica 40 Years of Hits heart artwork badges can check out the link to order HERE

Did Someone Say “Giveaway”?


The badges I very gratefully received from a fellow SM fan in Vancouver were in multiples. I asked if they were okay with me giving some of the badges away and they were happy to allow me to do that.

I didn’t want to come across as ungrateful for the wonderful, kind thing they did for me. But I wanted to share in the love. I was just bowled over to see my artwork turned into badges!

So, here we are! These four sets of badges below will be given away. All you have to do is throw your hat in the ring…if you see this on Facebook, like and comment. Share the post if you like. Let me know your favourite badge. If viewing on Twitter, you can reply tweet or share tweet with comment. You can enter via Instagram too.

You can also do that here via the blog. Just click on the “leave a comment/ X comments” text at the bottom right corner of the post and let me know which of the badges is your favourite.

Basically just make yourself known!

You can enter by midday GMT – Monday, 15th November (this Monday coming). I’ll choose 4 winners at random to receive one of the four sets of badges shown. (The sets will be awarded at random.) Open to anyone worldwide.

So get entering! Good luck!

And there are more giveaways to come! Stay tuned!

Badges! I Has A Lot Of Them…

Several weeks back, a wonderful lady in Canada sent me some badges that were designs featured on the 40 Years heart badge.

Today I received another package of badges from her, this time with images of my art on the badges. I am ssooo happy and thankful! I have never seen any of my art printed on badges and they look AMAZING…even if I do say so myself!

Very happy Prip today. 😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you, SP from Prip. ❤️

Outstanding Otto’s “Badge Of Honour”!

Now, I don’t normally name fellow SM fans commenting and sharing things on SM groups on my blog, especially when things are shared by fans on private groups – but the Simple Minds Official Group is a public group and Otto deserves a shoutout for such a brilliant thing.

In my wildest dreams I’d have loved to have replicated this artwork with real badges, but I was more than happy with a signed lithograph version framed on my wall.

Not good enough for Otto. He went one better! He collated all the still images used by Stuart Crouch for the design of the badges and went and had ALL 233 BADGES MADE AND PRINTED! How fucking amazing is that?!

I salute you, Otto! That’s fabulous work, my friend. Well done!

If I could have just ONE of those badges, it would be the one towards the top left of the heart – a still of Jim from Top Of The Pops – of their debut on it performing Promised You A Miracle. Jim’s in “the jaiket”. Delicious!


Arena Tour Pictures

I love his badge-wearing. Sooo cute!!

Btw, he’s sssooo checking out Sarah’s legs in the middle one. Lol

Photo credits: 

Top: Niels van der Slujis

Middle: Danilo Violator Puleo

Bottom: Andre Struyven