Video Theft

Why? I don’t get why anyone would do this. My video of Hunter And The Hunted that I recorded at the Grandslam gig at Colchester Castle Park on August 26th last year was taken and embedded into someone’s personal FB timeline, like the video was their own.

They then shared the clip on various Simple Minds groups and were happy to accept credit for the clip as if it was their own.

I really don’t have a problem with people sharing clips. Sharing the love we have for Simple Minds. But this is different. This was someone taking a clip from YouTube. Copying it off the site, then uploading it on Facebook, on their own timeline, which then makes the clip appear to be theirs.

A decent and honest person would have shared the clip from YouTube by just posting it on their timeline through sharing the YT link. Why didn’t they do that? Why take the clip and embed it in a FB post? It is blatant theft!

If you need proof, here it is. The two clips side by side. My original clip is at the top left, and the clip taken and used on FB is at the bottom right. It is 100% my video.

I’m not very happy about it…but what can I do?

Apologies For The Upset

It is playing on my mind now. 

I’d like to know what pissed him off about it (my post to the wall about Life In Oils) – but I dare not ask because I would not want to piss him off again. I feel bad enough I pissed him off in the first place!

I SO obviously never meant to. It is the very last thing I wanted to do. 

I went from feeling like his Valentine from my shared Wall Of Love piece on his Auckland “post-gig” post to “persona non grata” in the space on 24 hours! Must be some kind of record for me. :-/

Yes, I was being flippant in my post to the wall – but it was only because I was trying to be cheeky and make him laugh. Wow! Backfire or what?! 

But at the heart of it was a genuine enquiry. It is  a great song. A favourite. It’s in my top 50. I, like John Leckie, feel a sense of shame it didn’t go beyond being a demo and didn’t make it further along the Sons/Sister demos. But, they had so much material they were working on then anyway, something was bound to get left behind.

If it was my reference to the “panting, moaning vocals”…it’s just a bit of titillation! It’s not the sole reason why I like the song! Flipping hell – how shallow would I be if that was the case?! But it is a very sensual song. Why be embarrassed or ashamed of that? Surely you’re not, Sir? I thought we were in agreement some time back that “sexy songs are the best”?! (I have a screengrab to prove it…with your initials on the reply!) 

Am I not allowed to enjoy the sensuality of the song? Am I not free to talk about that with you?

If it wasn’t me being flippant, and trying to be silly and making you laugh with my wording, or referring to the “panting, moaning vocal” aspects of the song…then the only other thing that’s left was the actual crux of the whole post, which was asking about the rest of the lyrics.

It was a genuine enquiry. It would be nice to know for sure what the other lyrics are. It was just an enquiry after all. You could have told me fuck off, but I saw no harm in asking. And certainly no offence was meant in asking. I could have used guesswork. I can decipher some words. But I thought, why incorporate guesswork when I can ask the writer himself? And as I said in my post, I didn’t want to use the Brecht lines as they are repurposed in 20th Century Promised Land.

Maybe it is none of these things and it is purely you think it is a song best left forgotten and so you didn’t want to discuss it? If so, how was I to know that is how you felt about it?! And if that *is* how you feel about it, it’s a shame you do.

I would have loved to have worked on a piece for it…but I won’t now. I am not going to risk offending you by going ahead and creating a piece around it. By employing guesswork on lyrics I can’t be sure on.

A final apology, Jim. Absolutely no offense was meant.

I’m sure this all matters much more to me than it does you.