Minds In America Live Album?

I’m sure it doesn’t seem the case to those who THINK they know me…I’m sure I seem the biggest blabber mouth on the face of the earth, but I CAN keep a bloody secret!

One that I was (somewhat accidentally, admittedly) entrusted with was the info there was going to be a live release from Simple Minds’ most recent tour of the U.S.

Today I received the latest issue of Classic Pop in the post and there’s a big old write up and interview with SM producer, Andy Wright. In amongst it, he talked about his working relationship with SM and within it was also the reveal of there being a live release of SM recorded during the resent U.S. tour. He says it’s going to be a 40 track thing…but that seems quite a lot. I’m not even sure 40 individual tracks made it on the setlist in America, did they? Perhaps some things played during soundcheck are being included? Who knows? We’ll see around Christmas time, I guess.

Exciting news nonetheless.



Jim And Charlie On Jonesy’s Jukebox On 955KLOS


Jonesy always goes off on tangents. “So, Richard Jobson…how’s he doing?” It’s like…”you’re Scottish. He’s Scottish”. Lol

Jim describing Roger Daltry as looking like a “condom full of walnuts” when he walked out on stage. Lol.

I read an interview with Daltry recently…he said he doesn’t even work out! It’s just how his body is! What a sod!





Washington Minds

A great “showcase” montage clip of SM at the 9:30 Club in Washington. Starting to think that, if I had been able to get to one North American gig…this would have been the one to go to. Sounds amazing…and the intimacy of the venue! Never seen them anywhere quite that small. I suppose the smallest place I’ve been to to see them so far was Barras – and well, if you’re gonna see Simple Minds ANYWHERE…no place could be more iconic, right?

A Beacon At The Beacon…

I’m sorry, but this man is beautiful…and has been beautifully captured. Fab work, Jean!

UPDATE: And while we’re at it…this one! I like it!


Interview With Jim on The Boss 107.1 Radio With Rob & Wendy

A local New Jersey station interviewed Jim last week, and it was quite fun. I must admit to feeling a little sorry for Wendy…I mean, it’s a great name…and it was lovely for Jim to say it for her…but it ain’t my name, right? (Ooh, I’m bloody bragging now! Lol. Thank you, mum, – oh, and “sperm donor”, for your part – for giving me such a name. ❤️)

ANYWAY…it’s a cool interview. Click the image to listen!