Minds Music Monday – Silent Kiss

Yesterday saw the second anniversary of the release of Walk Between Worlds.

Of course it was the day that Jim and Charlie appeared at the HMV in Argyle Street for an album signing. I was so, sooo nervous! Lol. Silly, really, as I had met them both before already, but the more it goes on – my involvement in the fanbase, how much more in love with the band (Jim!) and the music I become, the less and less confident I am.

It all means too much, and I feel my eyes already beginning to sting with tears just thinking about what it all means to me.

But, hey. Never mind. All good things must come to an end.

I cringe at the memory of placing that bag of sherbet straws in front of Jim. Just me and my silliness. Just trying to deflect what was really going on inside my head which was me standing there gawping at this beautiful man and being struck dumb.

Anyway…as yesterday was the second anniversary of the albumโ€™s release, for MMM, I am sharing my favourite track on the deluxe version of the album. I still think it is a crime this song was not included on the standard version of the album.

It is beautiful…

A Revolution In August?

Yes, August will be a quiet month gig wise… but there is THIS. I missed seeing him at the same store a few months back. Only saw that he had been there a few days after it happened.

This time I know and can quite easily get there on the day. Maybe see if I can very briefly interview him? It def. would be cool if he agreed! We shall see in a few weeks time!

Steve In Stevenage…

You know sometimes when you see something … you’ve just been made aware of it but it happened just a couple of days prior so you missed it completely?

Well…that just happened to me. I’m checking the local record stores, particularly those over the Hertfordshire border…to see what they’re stocking and their prices for Saturday’s RSD. I checked Revolution Records in Stevenage to see that just this Monday gone STEVE HILLAGE WAS THERE DOING AN ALBUM SIGNING! I AM GUTTED!

I am ssssoooo gutted I missed this. I think I’d have been the ONLY person there to say “So, Steve…what was like working with Simple Minds on Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call?”

I’D HAVE GRILLED HIS ARSE! Lol. “Is the story about the pot plant true? Did you really fall down a stairwell on an office chair?” You know…all the probing questions! Lol

Oh, shit. I can’t believe I missed him! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

One Night In Glasgow – Part Three: Friday (Signing Day)

It was a restless night. Woke up around 3.30am…my first listen to Walk Between Worlds took place during semi-consciousness inside the EasyHotel…

I really wanted a coffee! But my fave drink from Costa is the chai latte…so I had a large one! The mug is SSOO big, it needs “Trump handles”. Lol

Fopp was quick on the ball with the right advertising!

“Is it true you’re running round now is it true they’re calling you the”….

Man! I ssooooo need a coffee TARDIS! Lol

The Duke in the sunlight…

They really do. The city folk are wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

Went into the MoMA and had to take a pic of this Beryl Cook on display. DOUGHNUTS EVERYWHERE! Lol

Another coffee break, and time for an empire biscuit.

Exit through the gift shop at MoMA and get yourself the BEST shirt to wear to Barras next week ๐Ÿ™‚

And, finally…look what I scored after it was all done. Having asked for one about 5 different times over these past couple of weeks…a member of staff took the one seen on the previous post out of the shop window and gave it to me! I will be forever grateful. Thank you!

One Night In Glasgow – Part Two: Thursday Night

The Hokusai/Dali/Banksy fusion mural…

Celtic The Musical – whaaa? They’ll seriously turn ANYTHING into a musical these days. Lol

Dinner at The Flying Duck at the top of Renfield Street. A fully vegan eatery. The food was DELICIOUS! And very affordable! I had the “hog roll”…made with a pork style vegetable protein, of course.

Served with my hog roll was a HUGE plate of PBJ fries. VERY spicy. Satay sauce and chilli jam heaped on the fries. Delicious and hot!

Company through the night in the hotel room…

One Night In Glasgow – Part One: Thursday

Photos of arriving in the city, going to the HMV to secure a wristband for a friend, having a wander and a visit to Tantrum and the Kelvingrove.

Who are these two jokers? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Interesting shop names…

The hallowed shop of doughnuts!



Glasgow Pride!

The Kelvingrove sign


“They are not a melting pot / say no say no tapestry” – King Is White And In The Crowd

The Sherbet Straws Slam!

I’m not sure I can put it all into words. I’ve had about 4 hours sleep and feel absolutely ratted!

It was a whirlwind visit. Glasgow was wonderfully sunny for both days…but freezing. Had an amazing hot chocolate with the HUGEST marshmallow on top and the most BLISSFUL banoffee doughnut from Tantrum…OMG!

A lovely visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in the afternoon. A wonderful meal at the Flying Duck in the evening. Yum!

But…on we go to the day…

I really did not think I threw the bag of sherbet straws down quite like that, but…well…it made for a funny clip. Geez I’m an idiot! Lol

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow, but at the moment my brain is just fried and so I will share the pics just now.

Jim and Charlie very kindly signed one of my Virginia Turbett prints. I was so, so happy! Made my day! All of the whole experience did ๐Ÿ™‚ The best day, ever!